Dear club members time is now coming for the annual round of meetings with regional BC and CTT etc etc as club sec i feel it is my duty to go to these meetings so if anyone has any thing they want me to bring up at the meetings please let me know

Regards Paul Sloper

Please note this is not a club run event but one of our club members Nigel Benham is and his Daughter Emily who is Currently ranked second in the world (i hope ive got that right )are heavily involved in the sport shared this information with us to share

Sat Sept 12th MTBO at Moors Valley an Activate event aimed mainly for those new to Mountain Bike Orienteering.
Start times will be from 10.00 to 15.00 pm. Also a 1 hour score event taking in both Moors Valley Country Park and North Ringwood Forest for the experienced mountain bikers. Entry is FREE and medals will also be given to all children taking part.
This is a great opportunity to take kids and ride round Moors Valley.

it was a mixed day at winchester warren was racing in the 4th cat race and was able to get some points as he came 8th we thought at first it was 10th but two got disqualified so he was given 8th place well done warren great effort  

The next race was with alex hart he was still bruised and battered from a previous crash earlier in the week he only needed to get two points to get his second cat licence .

The race was going well and we thought he was going to do it as the bell went for the last lap alex was leading the bunch the last time i saw him on the bike i was waiting by the finish line but no alex disaster he had crashed on the last bend …

I ran down the hill to see if he was ok and he was a bit beat up and grazed a few more racing scars to add to the injuries .

Gutted for him so all in all a mixed day least nothing was broken best of luck next time alex …