Andy leading sat club run from stonehenge cycles haloween costumes optional as long as your visible and safe .if you have a broom stick strapped on to bike please make it visible.. 

Club ride will be leaving from stonehenge cycles at 930 am prompt av speed will be 18mp slower if broomsticks and capes are being used .. Witches hats not advisable as they arenot very aero dynamic if you are in mummmie issue clothing make sure all bandages are secure as we don’t want any getting caught in chains 

As a club we a Non dopping policy so no potions or lotions unless approves by uci 🙂 

Be safe be secure and enjoy the ride .

Round 6 Basingstoke Memorial Park.
After last weeks brutal circuit at reading today it was nice to see a fairly open and fast circuit at Basingstoke with a few obstacles and a smaller field of riders. 
Had a blinding start today was in the top 20 for the first few laps and felt the best I have since starting cyclocross.
after dropping a few places I found myself in a group of three riders which I managed to stay with, one of the guys was bunny hoping the boards to which I decided I’d give it ago and successful managed. to only the next time round for me I didn’t manage to clear the second board and endo over the bars causing damage to myself and the bike, after I picked myself up removed the tape off the bike and got going i had dropped three or four places due to me ‘running out of talent’ also the bike stuck in one gear and no rear brake.. And the fear I broke my collar bone and foot. 
I managed to soldier on the last three laps to the finish to finish in the late twenties maybe earlier 30’s awaiting the results to come through to be sure. 
Learnt a lot today really enjoyed the course and chuffed with the result and performance.
Thanks to SarumVelo & Hills Cycles for the support and repair of the bike !   
Onwards and upwards.

Well done alex hope you are not feeling to sore tmrw thanks again for the write up 🙂 

Looking to race for a local club come and join us we are taking new members family membership £25.00 individuals £15.00 per annum .

We are affiliated to British cycling and the ctt Also wessex cyclocross league.

For more info visit the website 

Wessex League Round 5 Prospect Park Reading.
This was my First race back after missing the last 2 rounds due to work and holidays. 

The Track was In great condition slightly dry with the odd boggy patch and plenty of single track through wooded areas and plenty of climbs. I struggled with the biggest one which was a dismount and run job which is where I lost most of my places. 
I had a pretty good start considering where I started from due to missing two rounds.
I was in the top 40 for the first few laps but kept loosing places on the big climb lap after lap which was frustrating.

I managed to finish 53rd out of a big field of 80 which is the biggest field I’ve raced in. Overall happy with the day really enjoyed the course except the climb which put a downer on things but onwards and upwards.

Basingstoke next week 

And must remember to not go riding the day before! 
Thanks for the support SarumVelo & Hills Cycles Of Amesbury For The Maintenance and support!
Alex Watkins

Thanks again for the great write up alex of your event today. Keep up the great work

Hi guys and  gals of sarum velo club members how about. Club meet up in the latter part of november for a evening club social meeting get to know members old and new 

Let me know your thoughts and venue ideas 

Paul club sec

Saturday bike ride leaving from stonehenge cycles fisherton street salisbury wiltshire sp27qy leaving from 9-30 am outside the road shop so make sure your there on time dont forget you can pop in to the henge and pick up some bargains before and after the ride dont forget puncture kits spare food etc etc there will eb the normal compulsory stop for a brew on route. ave speed 18 mph upwards so if your feeling up for it come along and come out with Sarum Velo