Well done alex watkins currently in 19th overall in the wessex cyclocross league improving all the time learning more as he goes along exellent effort alex  
Photo care of Paul Stewart 

Thanks for photo paul and keep up the great effort alex 


Sotonia Round 9 ( Mud Bath) 
After the heavy rain from the past few weeks the course was only describe as a mud bath today! 

Being a seeded rider I started on the third row giving me the upper hand on staying out of trouble on the first technical section through the woods! 

I started well being inside the top twenty on the first two laps finding a decent pace in the tricky conditions.

Having a second bike helped today making several changes due to conditions I dropped a few places due to illness taking over which I’ve had since the started of the week so was happy to finish today.

Finished 28th today in be tricky conditions and having illness I’m happy, also having a good support of family and friends help me through today was great! 
Onwards and upwards ! Thanks to SarumVelo & Hills cycles for the support!
Another great blog post by alex watkins ive stuck a few photos i took while at the race was great to see alex racing lets hope we can get to watch alex and a few other riders soon 

Paul club sec dont you forget can pay for club membership on british cycling website now …