Sarum velo Sunday club run was a great success again today everyone left and managed to stay together until on the way back as the faster members upped the pace a bit but no one was left behind thanks for all the people who came out today much appreciated don’t forget if you are not a member of the club yet you can join via the British Cycling link Sarum Velo British Cycling


Photo care of John Ormshaw

thanks again to all the riders who came out today its much appreciated keep up the great work


Wessex League Rd 6 – Fairthorne Manor

Round 6 was at Fairthorne manor on a new circuit built within the last two weeks from the guys a Fareham wheelers bit of a bumpy circuit but generally a great circuit!

Gridded 28th on the start again today so fourth row start on an uphill was always going to be interesting.

Managed an average start but getting boxed in on the inside left me dropping a few places places.

After a few laps I found myself laying in 24th and in a group of riders I was soon dropped by them and found myself alone chasing a few that had dropped off the back of the group.

I spent four laps chasing a Allen Collins a regular in these reports as we seem to be about the same standard managed to catch and pass him with three to go with Thomas Nightingale next on the menu.

I managed to catch Thomas with two laps to go only for the leader to lap us meaning it was now the last lap and dust up time!


Thomas made he’s moving on me through the wooded section I managed to stick with him up the large climbing leading to the final few turns where we exchanged a few elbows and tape between us only for Thomas to stick it up the inside and beat me to the line!


Finished 28th out of 65 which I’m happy with and I’m generally happy with my performance of managing my face well.

Thanks to Paul and his wife for coming to watch !

Mum dad & sister and Chris for the support.

Tim hills from hills cycle and fishing tackle for looking after the bike !

After Great Meeting last night at the South Wilts Cricket i just want to thank everyone for turning up from the meeting we have a few things to look forward to Dec 11 Tinsel and beer ride leaving from wilton market square on Sunday 11th of December 9-30 am

we will hopefully in the meantime get some rides out on Sundays keep your eyes posted for that info

and also we are looking at booking calshot track for a track night so if i can get an idea of number who want to do that please let me know.

we have also been talking to the south wilts cricket club who are keen for us to use the facility so if we can use it on a more regular basis even better .

Maybe have some club nights there ill ask paul if he can find out costs etc etc

now on the the important race result ….

Alex had to race today below is his report from the race I’ve still yet to find out if Caroline Light raced today

Wessex League Rd 5 – Prospect Park Reading

Round 5 is a favourite circuit for majority of the field always a tough circuit with a bit of everything involved mad decents and a lot of climbing or in today’s case running!



With a heavy showers through most of the night it was always going to be a wet one today which for me I enjoy the wet weather and fined I ride a tad better (well that’s what I say to myself) and within the field of riders it’s sorts the men from the boys bit of a level playing field is what I like to call it.

Gridded 28th on the grid today around fourth row from the front so I had a decent gateway off the start and made it up the first climb in 19th place.. after a few bends a rider fell in front of me making me go through the tapes and narrowly missing him and his bike and dropping three or four positions I was happy with being in the mid twenties considering the huge field of 80 odd riders again.

After two laps I found myself in a group of five, same old faces week in week out myself, James Evans , Allan Collins and two others I’d haven’t seen before.. I made a bike change whilst in the group so I dropped back and few metres but managed to get myself back on to the group we all stayed as a bunch until the last laps when James Evans made a attack and left us all looking at each other. towards the end of the last lap I made my move on Allan Collins on one of the slow climbs and managed to make a gap knowing the Allan could ride the final climb to the finish and I was running majority of it, I managed to hold to the finish 27th with Allan only finishing a few seconds behind in another close race between us.

Next week it’s on to Fairthorne manor in Southampton botley area a favourite of mine from last year.

Once again thanks to dad, Lindy & family in the pits

Tim hills from Hills cycle and fishing Tackle for keeping the bikes up together!

Thanks to Paul for the support and Sarum Velo

Caroline Light has had a good season with one race to go this year caroline has come
27th out of 330 people who raced TTs this year in the Southern Sporting TT Series.she raced 5 out of 17 events in their TT series races and I obtained 636 points,

She was 3rd women overall this year which is superb Well done Caroline

she has her last one on Sunday 16th October at Thruxton, National TT race, 11 miles so wont be staying to late at the meeting next week as she’s got to race Sunday

well done Caroline

Great effort for this year lets hope next year is even better

Wessex League Rd 4 – Memorial Park Basingstoke


After round 3’s puncher and a result of 57th I was looking forward to actually having a clean race with no troubles and a half decent finish.

Starting 30th on the grid today meant I had to give it my all on the start get a clean getaway and get myself in a decent position in the early laps to avoid any congestion.

I managed to get myself in 32nd position swapping and changing with a few people for the whole race I managed to start 32nd and finish 32nd so I’m happy with the result and most of all a race with no mechanicals !

Hopefully this result will get me a better starting position for next week round at reading which for me is the hardest course of the series and also a popular one with attracting riders from central leagues.

Thanks again to dad, Lindy in pits for the encouragement

Tim from Hills cycles and fishing tackle for keeping the bikes all together

Paul for the continual support.

Another great Race report from Alex Watkins

well done Alex

Wessex League Rd 3 – Dalton Barracks Abingdon.

Abingdon seems to have a love hate relationship with me I love the fun circuit and tight twisty section the Circuit however doesn’t like me unfortunately. While laying 19th in the championship I managed to get a second row start and went off like a rocket having a great start and being with the group of people I needed to be with for the close championship standings myself and four others all on 61 points each.

The next three laps went by in know time on the back of a group of 8 inside the top 20 I was preparing for a long fast race and trying to hold on to the guys I needed to when over a slight hill into a hard rocky sections I punctured I carried on riding only for the tyre to come off the rim which meant it’s run time !

Having only just gone past the pits i had the long 3/4 of a lap to run in that time the leaders had lapped me and I was somewhere near dead last the time I got to the pis for a bike change. I soldiered on the last 5 laps trying to catch people and pass them, think I managed around 8 people but unsure of the final result

. On to next at memorial park Basingstoke having this result means I will more than likely not making the grid so it’s going to be a tough one! Thanks again to dad & David’s parents & Lindy for the support and encouragement!


Thanks to Tim at Hills Cycles and fishing tackle for the support with the bikes.

great review of the race from Alex well done Alex great ride fella dont be dis heartened bike racing can be cruel at times no such thing as a sure thing in CX racing thats what makes it Exciting