Craig got 6th place Sunday but second overall in 10 time trial series

Craig was competing in the Goodwood classic hilly 27 mile tt.

This was also the final race in the 10 event south dc sporting series.

The sporting course had 2100 ft of climbing involved so wouldn’t be the quickest day on the bike.

After feeling 100 % better than last weeks tt, legs felt good and had a good warm up and legs felt ready to race.

Had a good start with a hill climb straight out the blocks catching my minute man before the top. Good start soon turned no so good as I missed the first right turn and had to turn around and get my rhythm back. I was so angry and went a bit crazy on the descents and think I might of made my time back up there, Maybe loosing 10-15 seconds tops?

The course had 4 major climbs and a few mini lumps thrown in between. I enjoyed every minute of it today as the course had a bit of everything in it, so much better than the normal dual carriageway blasts.

I finished the 27 mile course in 1.10.32 avg 23mph finishing in 6 position out of 39.

1st & 2nd creamed the field, winner clocking a super human 1.04.32.

Back at the Hq it was time to clock up the pints for the south dc sporting series. I finished in 2nd place with a total of 1459 point over the 10 events clocking up 4 1st places, 3 2nd placed and 3 top 10 finishes.

I was only beaten by 34 points, winner had 1493 points with the extra bonus points for having extra team members in the events.

All in all pretty happy with the my first tt season.

Next up is the rttc national championships at thruxton next Sunday.

Lindy gets 3rd place

Wessex league was an epic day of fast and testing course lindy and Peter was racing in the women’s and vet+50 race the 50+ age riders were off first followed by the ladies race approx one minute later Peter was off then followed by the groups with Lindy in

Lindys group waiting to start

Pete and his group waiting to start

Pete’s group was off then they all went up the course and came back via the trees zig zagging there way back

Peter and Dan Colloby having an early battle

Lindy battled her way up through the group

And managed to eventually get away picking of riders every lap

And eventually managed to get to 4th position. Overall and ended up being third fastest lady in her age group and getting on the podium well done Lindy great result yet again for sarum velo

Next race Alex and David

Sorry I wasn’t about for this race but Alex has done a brief ride report as below but we did get a few group photos of Dave and Alex and Pete and Lindy

Report from race from alex below

I Gridded 11th on the day with my average points being 47 I was planning on a good start but that didn’t go to plan as i had a gear changing issue off the start and went backwards (still getting used to Sram).

1st lap I came round in 26th position chasing down groups of people to get where I wanted to in the race, I found myself with a group of 6 guys Tim doole, Chris McGovern, Thomas Nightingale, Lee Rutland, Ryan Keynes.

The group dwindled down over the next four laps which left the threefold us myself, Tim doole & Chris McGovern swapping a changing for the next couple of laps all taking a turn.

The final lap was a case of who could rip who’s legs off knowing it was going down to the sprint for 15th, 16th & 17th.

I blow myself up trying to get away early from the other two which meant I had nothing left for the sprint coming in 17th.

Was a great day and happy with the result considering the start, Lap times were consistent and going into next week at reading and quite looking forward to it.

Thanks for the support as always

Hills Cycles & Fishing Tackle.

Sarum Velo.

Dad for standing on the sidelines week in week out.

Merida Bikes Uk.

(David Brazier was also racing as well in the same race and I’m waiting on some more info from David David came 25th place )

Salisbury tri club Hill climb Results

John Ormshaw above and James Eccleston below

John Ormshaw and James Eccleston took part in the Salisbury Tri Club (STC) Hill Climb Competition on Sunday 8th October. Starting at the junction in Netton and climbing up gradients up to 9% before levelling off for a flat out sprint to the finish line by the Chemring factory (High Post). John was the second rider out of 16 to start, and in 3mins 42s flat crossed the finish line (enough the place 6th place overall). James was the 6th rider on the road. After nailing the start, he settled into a good rhythm whilst reserving a bit of power for the sprint. As the gradient levelled off it was time to jump out of the saddle and stamp on the pedals. Closing in his minute man provided extra motivation, managing to pass rider number 5 just before the finish line. After an anxious wait for the times to be verified, James came 2nd overall by less than two tenths of a second to the 3rd placed rider (in 3mins 16.51s) – only 6.5 seconds off the overall winner of the day. Many thanks to STC and the volunteers for organising such a great local event.

Sunday 15th October will see the final SRAMcc TT of the year around the Woodford valley, where Callum Dunford will aim to improve his previous best of 31mins 32s.

Thanks all for the great reports and results as per normal the club members who put them selves out there week in week out racing all over the region giving us as a club loads of publicity which is great . We are as a club always looking for new members who want to race be it road tt or cx or even mtb come and join us and have some fun racing with the team .

Sarum Velo British Cycling

Weekly roundup

Well its been a Busy weekend for Sarum Velo Club Members this weekend  Firstly id like to congratulate Adam and Chloe all the best for the future from Sarum Velo (check the calendar next time and try and have a wedding out side the Cx Season for the Best Man Alex Watkins  😉 ) just kidding Congrats you you both !


Time trials

Report from Craig Wallington

Tornado rcc open 10

Craig recorded a 2nd place finish on the sporting 10mile course.

Conditions we not my favourite today with the back roads full of fallen conkers and leaves leaving the road very slippy.

Testing out a different tt bike and position I pretty much bottled every corner loosing lots of time and speed. After the first lap my power was down and new i was way off my best time from April.

I thankfully made it round in one piece with only one scare slipping on a cattle grid.

Back at the HQ I was surprised to have came 2nd being so far off my normal power output.

2nd & 3rd was only spilt by 6 seconds,

1st place creaming the field by nearly 1.50.

All in all well happy with the result and nice to add some points to the sporting tt series that ends next week at the Goodwood classic hilly 28 tt.

Thanks for the report and the picture Craig

Road Racing

Race report from Richard Hamilton

Pimperne RR Report Sunday 1st October

After struggling with cramp last week in the Jurassic Coast race from a lack of riding of late, I felt more prepared after another week’s riding.

The race rolled out from Pimperne on a damp morning for a 56 mile 4½ lap circuit around the outskirts of Blandford Forum with a short climb up out of Stubhampton on each lap. I had somehow managed to position myself towards the back after the roll out which was less than ideal as the pace ramped up for the first time up the narrow lanes of the Stubhampton climb. There was a split in the peloton and I found myself at the wrong side, having to pass several riders to move my way up. At the top of the climb there was around a 15 second gap but luckily myself and another rider worked hard to bridge the gap on the long gradual descent towards Blandford.

I made sure not to make the same mistake again on the subsequent laps and positioned myself much closer to the front. As the laps rolled on there were a couple of small failed attacks from 1 or 2 riders, but with the increasing wind it made it difficult for anything to stick, so I decided not to follow any attacks and conserve as much energy as I could for the aggressive climb on each lap. As the laps passed by, the leading group had whittled itself down to around 20 riders from around 50 starters and I was certainly starting to feel a bit of fatigue in my legs.

At the end of the penultimate climb I felt my quad start to twinge like the previous week and I could feel it every time I got out of the saddle. I was annoyed as I was looking forward to an all-out attack on the climb to finish but now had to stay in the saddle and spin to avoid any cramp.

On the final time up to the finish atop of the ‘Col de Stubhampton’ the group was still at around 20 riders and as we passed the flamme rouge, Sam Culverwell (last week’s 16 year old winner of the Jurassic Cost race) from Guernsey VC attacked hard and no one could go with him. I tried my best but really had nothing left in the legs and again my quad was twinging. I rolled in 9th across the line and really enjoyed my first hilly(ish) road race. It was a well organised race and I recommend it to anyone.

Cyclo Cross

What an epic course lots of ups and downs and round and round mud slippy surfaces to contend with and fans shouting abuse at riders yep it’s cx racing at its best I arrived to the car park Jammed

With cars and vans and muddy cyclists I saw Lindy and David and wasn’t sure where peter was alex wasn’t racing but his dad dave was there eager to support the other riders .

Lindy and peter were off I the next race

The course started with uphill climb and the Hargrove girls took the lead straight away

And went on to dominate the race

Lindy carried on battling her way through the other riders

The race course was tough and hard and took lots of concentration

The race went on and on the last lap I was shouting come on. Lindy and she replied I want a pint I said deal

So she got over the finish line and I handed her a pint of beer well done Lindy hard race and a well deserved beer as she came in 5th senior lady

Next up was David brazier race seniors men

Dave did a few warm up laps ( this put some riders off and they decided not to race) not dave warming up I may add …

the race started off with the favourites going off fast dave was in the main bunch battling his way through the weather as it had changed for the worse fine rain and wind had got up

The course was getting slippy and more and more testing as the race went on fave battled his way

Dave carried on plodding away overtaking riders and getting overtaken himself but also had a few slides in the mud

And at the end after an epic race dave managed to get across the line to a well deserved pint

Well done to all who finished and esp Peter (I owe you a pint peter as missed you after your finish ) that was an epic day weather and course

Thanks again for allowing the riders and supporters of sarum velo.

Racing again next week at a venue near you !


This weekend has been a busy weekend for Sarum Velo riders competing in races all over the region James was racing in NewForrest CC tt James Eccleston was 38th well done James good effort

Then we had the road boys Craig Wallington and And Richard Hamilton report below from Craig

Photos from road race by Natasha Turner

Race report for Jurassic coast RR

Rich Hamilton & Craig Wallington

Course was change from a hill 5700ft to 1700ft over 57 miles.

Race started of at a hard pace and halfway round the first lap a break managed to get away. Craig and Rich missed it as both sat in at the back trying to save energy.

With 5 up the road no more attacks were going to stick. 3 laps in it was a pretty boring race as just a flat 10 mile loop. So Craig and Ed from sotonia decided to attack, we did 1 hard lap on the front but never managed to get a gap. Rich joined the attack and pushed things along with a hard turn and gave Craig a nice recovery.

Craig attacked off the front again

Photo care of Local riders Eamonn Deane

only to be chased down with 4 miles to go, legs had gone and struggled to stay with the pack as they were pushing to catch the break.

Craig managed to stay in contact and recovered, knowing He couldn’t compete in a sprint he went for it with 2 miles to go then again at 1 mile amd was swamped by the chasing group and just finished outside the bunch.

All good experience for next year and for Rich who is doing the pimperne RR next week.

Well done guys great effort ..

Next we had the 2nd round of the Wessex cyclo cross league Swindon

Firstly we had Lindy Larkin racing In the ladies and she did amazingly well considering how hot it was even the ladies were racing with there zips down

Photo care of Craig Goodson

And came second in her race well done Lindy another Sarum Velo podium finish

Then was the turn of Peter Williams who came 48 the place yet again just behind dan colloby well done pete must try and pip dan next time 😉

Then was the turn of Alex Watkins and david brazier who also were struggling with the heat of the race day below alex

Think there was a bare chest comp going on today ? Below David

Alex and David battled it out to the finish and both came in in creditable places Alex on his new bike came in 11th and David came in 25th

Well done to all who raced this weekend it’s great to see Sarum Velo competing in so many areas of the local racing scene keep up the great work

Thanks for all your support it’s the riders that make the club

Craig Wallington and Richard Hamilton are racing in the Jurassic coast road race 54 miles on Sunday.

After that Craig is doing tt’s to finish the season off with the below time trials

Tornado 10 mile TT, 01-10-17

Southdown velo 28 tt,08-10-17,ctt regional champs at thruxton 10 mile tt, 15-10-17

best of luck Craig and Richard if anyone else is racing let me know and maybe we can get some supporters to jeer you on

Don’t forget to fill in your riders profile and send us a email in similar format to the ones on the website Riders profiles

Hi all I’ve just had a lovely email from Peter Williams and he’s been willing to share. A little bit of info about what he likes to get up to

Thanks pete it’s much appreciated (maybe a club trip next year ?)

As promised here’s a few words on my recent trip…

In addition to cyclocross I also like to do longer gravel events. While up in Kielder for the Dirty Reiver I picked up a flyer for the first running of the Dirty Boar in the Hautes Fagnes region of Belgium. That’s the hilly bit near the Ardennes. Duly entered I traveled over last weekend.  Ride day didn’t dawn as such, more crawled out from the heavy rain of the night before.  As it just about got light at 7am all 350 riders set off for 170km of riding with 2700m of climbing.  The first part of the ride climbed to the highest point in Belgium, this is just short of 700m so there is a staircase to make it to 700m, fortunately we didn’t have to do any stair climbing. Once past this point it was trending downhill into Germany and the first check point. By this time it had almost stopped raining. Refueled we rode some nice wooded trails to the 2nd checkpoint on one of the many dams in the area. This mean a long descent to the dam, followed by turning round to climb backup to the route, that was mean.

Into a small town at about 100k there was a sign to say we’d reached the low point of the ride and the only way was up.  The climbing started straight away, thanks guys. More climbing though forest and over moor land, on some very straight tracks, along with regular soakings from the heavy showers got us past the second feed station and onto the last 40k and the biggest climbs of the day.  The final section was on some nice woodland trails which I’d have enjoyed more if I had some brakes left.  I finally rolled over the finish line in just under 11hours to take the compulsory selfie with the Dirty Boar himself, see attached.

The reward for all my efforts was frites and beer, excellent recovery food.  It was a great ride in a part of the world you might not usually go to with friendly riders and good organisation.  I didn’t see a wild boar as I suspect they were all hiding from the weather.  I’ll have to go back next year to try again.

Here’s the link to the website and a Flickr page with some great photos that really capture the day.

Well dismal day for David and Alex both puncture and dnf after a great starts so nil point for the boys

Lindy larkin saved the day with. Great result 4th in her category sen women’s in the first race well done lindy. Photos from Craige Goodson

Peter Williams making his debut in the 50+ vets was pipped to the post coming 61 by Andover wheelers dan colloby 60 place who has always supported sarum velo riders which we do appreciate Dan


Well done Peter.

I’d also like to say a big thanks for the pit crew and family and friends who come along to support the riders with out you we wouldn’t have the people at the races so well done.

I’d also like to congratulate other riders from Salisbury Tri club and Sramcc who also raced today and Any of the other local clubs all makes the local inter club rivalry stronger. Well done to all.

SARUM VELO are keen to recruit people who are keen to race on road cx tt and track if you fancy joining us please go to British cycling website and go to our page and click join

The more members we have the more races we can compete In the more fun we can have as a team ..

On this windy weekend we have had a few results well done to James Eccleston who came second in the Sram cc club event with a time of 33:55 James was beaten this time by Claude Weston Sramcc with a time of 33:34 good

Effort James (must do better next time ) 😉 we love a bit of local inter-club rivalry

Alex watkins braved the weather and the drive up to foreign parts to the western division and raced in then 2nd event of the western division cx league and came away with a creditable 10th place well done alex

Next week is the Start of the Wessex league cx season where we should hopefully have a full

Compliment of riders racing in the first race of the season.

All the best team